Waiting For The Signal…Is This Sector Finally Ready?

People would much rather lose money then lose opportunity.(Access to the weekend podcast is right here)

We humans are wired to not want to pass up opportunity.

Watching the stock market go up with out you is painful. Or watching that stock (or sector) you knew you should have bought…move higher without you is gut-wrenching

That feeling of “opportunity loss” is real and very damaging to people’s portfolios.

In fact, people would much rather lose money…like real money. Then risk the chance of not being part of the next move.

It is this human behavior that kills many portfolios and futures.

Because here’s the thing.

We will never run out of opportunities.  But you have to be patient. And be willing to pass on some “sure things”.

So I want to show you four price charts that will soon enough start to look like “sure things”. Four charts that show you how being patient has paid off. And will continue to pay off for you.

You can find this weekend’s podcast right here

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