Was That A Head Fake Or The Bottom?

Most cultures have a saying that goes something like: “when it rains, it pours.” It is surely pouring right now for many people across many cultures. But the thing is… this is normal. 

Crashes are normal. Corrections are normal. Good times are normal. Pandemics are normal. Yes, the world has been having pandemics for thousands of years. 

The real lesson is not that you should have known to buy Zoom (ZM). And avoid United Airlines (UAL). (Side note: my training clients would NEVER EVER have purchased UAL, as they are trained to stay away from investments that make you poorer. Most of what makes people’s money grow better is avoiding the UAL’s of the world. And UAL was doing horrible before the world ever heard the term COVID-19. Just saying. There’s a better way.)

The real problem is that most people are being told by their big-box advisor to “just ride it out” and, “you’re young enough to take this.” Imagine if your doctor said that to you!

Imagine going to your doctor and saying, “I’m really sick” and your doctor replying, “don’t worry Jimmy, you’re young. You’ll run a fever for a couple months, won’t be able to walk without vertigo, have diarrhea, and only be able to sip chicken broth… but don’t worry eventually your body will work it out.” If that happened. You’d know internally to run in the other direction. But somehow people take this crap advice from their big-box advisor. 

Look, if you’ve gotten my communications for any length of time you know how I feel about advisors who tell you to “stay the course.” Or “ride it out.” Most of those advisors are not worth the 5% you pay them. And yes, most of you are paying them 5% a year. 

You know why? They have you deeply invested in an over-diversified portfolio that is dragging around a bunch of crap investments but you just don’t know it because they speak in jargon. And when you look at your statement with 50 symbols of varying shape and color, your eyes glaze over and say the following (in your head): 

“… I have no f*?king idea what I am looking at. I know I’m not dumb, but this statement is a complete cluster. And I have no idea where to even start. I’m feeling very mad, sad and scared. But since I really don’t know what is going on, on a conscious level I’m going to say the following… “okay, I’ll trust you to do what is best.””

Why do people say this? Hint: it’s not their fault.

They have to use some sort of short-cut (economic speak for heuristic) and move to “trusting.” Because again, they have no idea what is going on, and “riding it out” seems like the wrong thing to say, but they are so overwhelmed right now, that “trusting” is the best short-cut they can come up with. Even though they know something is deeply wrong. 

Here’s what I have for you in this week’s videos: 

1) Gold

What you should know about what is happening with gold prices around the world. They are making new life time highs in parts of the world and those new life time highs might just be coming to a shore near you. 

2) How To Tell If The Market Has Bottomed

What will you want to see to have high confidence that the bottom is in. I show you five, rarely talked about indicators, that when taken together can give you a “weight of evidence” that can make you sleep at night and give great clarity to “is the bottom in?” question.

3) Barrons and WSJ Have Joined ZeroHedge

What a bunch of crap. And from entities like the Wall Street Journal and Barron’s. It’s one thing to get garbage from ZeroHedge.com. But it’s another to get it from the WSJ and Barron’s. Shame on them.

4) Is There A Better Example Than This…?

I pound the table regularly on how people unknowingly do what they think is best based on 1970s thinking, but how that old-world thinking is what is getting them into trouble regularly. This video is a perfect example of how people get lured into creating more pain and loss in their life without even knowing it.

P.S. Phishing scams have to be sky-rocking right now. As people are so overwhelmed with fear and worry. That all the horrible people leaving “the IRS needs to confirm your social security number to send you your check,” recordings must be in a bull market. 

P.P.S. Is this you? You’re tired of the BS, the hype, and the fear. You’re tired of your big-box advisor telling you to just “ride it out.” You are tired of your “pick of month newsletter” sending you angst every morning. 

There’s a better way to invest. A way where you aren’t over-diversified and aren’t over-bought into old ideas. Here’s a free training where I show you why you haven’t been getting ahead. AND how to get control back over your investments and life today.


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