Was That The End Of The Rally??

Edith Green is a name almost no one knows or remembers. You may recognize her name if you lived in Oregon and voted Democrat sometime between 1955 and 1974… or maybe if you were a woman playing sports in the early 1970s. Edith was a 10-time Congresswomen from Oregon—only the second ever to be elected to the House of Representatives from that State. 

Her most enduring legacy was supporting and pushing through Title IX, along with Senator Birch Bayh. In a nutshell, Title IX gave equal funding to women’s sports in any educational institution that received federal funding, which turns out to be almost every school (private or public) in the United States. Because you know, amazing things happen when you give women the same things you give to men. But Sweden, Denmark, and Canada already know that… more on that in a second. 

If you’d like to see the step by step all-out battle of this bill you can see the timeline here. It’s incredible how many people (read: men) were on the wrong side of history. 

Title IX was a fight about gender equality. Men and women (or, in this case, boys and girls) being treated equally. I’m a big fan of being treated equally. And it turns out that countries that treat their women equally are thriving.The data is clear. And the history is clear. The best countries to live in the world all treat their women/girls and men/boys—wait for it—equally. 

Countries like Sweden, Denmark, Canada, Norway, and The Netherlands are just a few that have their own version of Title IX across their entire country. Their whole country is one big Title IX. 

And countries that treat their women horrible are also some of the most dangerous on the planet… Afghanistan, Somalia, DR Congo, India, Saudia Arabia, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Oman, Qatar, UAE. 

Title IX is about being fair. The fairest countries are also the strongest, healthiest, smartest and are just the most awesomest places to live. So fairness works for everyone. Literally the downside is nil. Except for old white men’s egos. 

We need a Title IX for bailouts/stimulus in the United States. If the Fed is going to “Fund” big corporations then they are equally going to fund people. 

People need protecting and not companies. And certainly not big companies. 

This is how it would work: every time the Fed’s balance sheet expands, an equal amount of money gets distributed to every person over the age of 21 in the United States. 

No applying. No waiting in line. No submitting some form only your CPA knows exists. No sitting on hold. None of that. We just get a check in the mail. That’s it. Oh yeah, it’s a tax free check.  

Today, there are about 200 million people over the age of 21 in the US. Since September 11th, 2019, the Fed’s balance has expanded $2.9 trillion—the equivalent of each person over the age of 21 in the US getting a $14,430 check mailed to their address or directly deposited into their account. 

One Title IX change to Fed balance sheet expansion and we have equality. There is nothing more fair than equality. 

This week’s video covers some things like: 

  1. Subways
  2. Coffee
  3. Commonsense vs. the Fed
  4. 100 companies vs 500 companies
  5. Bonds in your pension
  6. Germany v. USA
  7. The two most important relationship to follow

…and so much more. 

You can watch it all in this week’s video. 


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