Weekend Podcast 10.11.14 – The Stock Market In Four Charts…And Gold in Two Charts

The Stock Market In Four Charts And Gold in Two – click here.

The paragraph below started the daily communication of one of the most widely delivered free investment newsletters in the world, six days ago.

“European economies are cratering, China is slowing down, Russia is invading Ukraine, the U.S. is bombing Syria…Global central banks are printing trillions of dollars and destroying their currencies, stocks are expensive, bond yields are egregiously low, and the world is drowning in debt…to name a few.”


It seems the world is ending again.

How are we humans ever going to actually grow our money when we think we are about to be killed around every corner?

I ask this because the words from that free investment newsletter is setting people up to be very frightened.

While it’s good to know what is going on, it’s dangerous to see things that aren’t there.

So I did an experiment on my mind this past weekend.

An experiment that had my brain seeing and thinking things that it had never thought before, click here to see what this experiment did to me.

I will also show you how this experiment proves there is only one effective way of investing in todays market. I can show you here.

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Together, we are accelerating your wealth,

RC Peck, CFP