Financial Storm Clouds Ahead…

Nothing makes financial sense today.

(1) People are gobbling up the Japanese Yen, despite its Central Bank lowering rates below zero.

(2) The strongest currency in the world belongs to the country that has printed the most (read: USA).

And (3) The world is sitting with 300% more debt than it did before the 58% stock market crash that started in October of 2007 and didn’t end for 18 long months.

And in those 18 long months…
GM died.
AIG died.
Lehman died.
Bear Sterns died.
and Merrill Lynch died…
(Died = heroic financial rescue or actual death)

Just to name the big ones.

You have to wonder, were there any indicators that foresaw the problems on the horizon?

Were there any indicators that said, “take cover”?

Well, yes there were and I want to show you three that are flashing a warning sign today just as they were back then.

You can get access right here.


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