Are You Following The Money Or the Policy?

Would you agree that common sense changes?

Like how it’s common sense today for doctors to wash their hands before operating. Or how it’s common sense for pilots to have a “take-off” checklist. Or how it’s common sense to workout if you want to have a healthy life.

And you know that the above three were not always common sense.

And so, what does Silicon Valley do best…?

They look for the common-sense industry of the 1950’s operating in 2017 and then disrupt them.

So… it made me laugh this week when someone brought up two theories to show me why an investor should NEVER take their money out of the market.

Oh yeah…

And I want to tell you what happened to me and my two kids when we flew Delta Airlines last week.

And of course….

The two most important price charts in the world… ok… two of the five most important price charts in the world.

You can get instant access right here.

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