This One Correction Preceded Both 50% Falls In The SP500

Price charts don’t lie.

Yes…they sometimes take a little bit of time to get the big picture right, but what do you expect?

They’re taking their input from 100’s of millions of investors from around the world.

And that means tops and bottoms will be messy.

I get it.

We humans don’t like things to be messy. We like to think you just buy X when Y falls or visa versa.

But if you have been investing for more than a couple years you know that winning or losing is in getting the big picture right.

And so with that I want to share with you three major indexes that I rarely share with anyone.

Why now?

Because they’re all yelling the same warning…

And it’s a warning that you may want to be aware of, especially if you are over the age of 50 and have PTSD from the 2008 58% Lehman Crash.

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