What Did You Expect?

When the largest and most influential central bank on the planet starts printing hundreds of billions of dollars [again], what do you expect?

When the Fed Chair drops the Federal Funds Rate three times after the stock market [almost] fell 20% but not quite, what do you expect?

When interest rates, the competitor to stocks, is negative in Germany, Japan, Switzerland, European Central Bank and Sweden, what do you expect? 

When a $100 billion venture capital fund (read: Vision I) floods a market that can handle 1/10th of that, and then you get WeWork blowing up in 30 days, what do you expect?

When you read fear mongering investment newsletters that scare the heck out of you and you feel scared all the time, what do you expect?

S&P500 = new life time highs

Dow Jones Industrial Average = new life time highs

NYSE (New York Stock Exchange Composite) = new life time highs

Three charts to ponder this weekend. 

1. File this in the, “this could never happen” camp.
Invest the market you are given not the one you want. 

2. Sorry China you lost!
US Index up 12%. Chinese Index down -18% since Trade War started on January 22nd 2018.

3. $335 billion newly printed US Dollars
in the last 90 days!!! Thank you Mr. Powell

In Your Corner,

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RC Peck, CFP