What It Looks Like When Central Banks Lose Control

The stock market works because it’s made of 100’s of millions of free thinking people acting on their own…

People that are putting their money where their opinions are about the future.

And if enough of those 100’s of millions of people think the next six to twelve months are going to be better than they buy a little bit more of the stock market.

And if enough of those people are worrying a little bit more about the next six to twelve months, they either stop buying or they start to sell.

Isn’t that interesting…?

There’s no central control over the stock market?

Yes, I know The Fed can change rates up or down AND that will influence the market over shorter term periods but it will not change the macro direction of the market.

Central banks can’t because the market is too big…and eventually the market always gets to where it needs to be.

The problem with central banks manipulation is it creates unnecessary volatility, which usually ends up hurting people’s lives and accounts.

So with the manipulation only increasing from Japan and Europe, it’s a good time to step back, look at the charts and get clear what those 100’s of millions of people are telling us.

You can get the entire podcast, which includes four price charts showing just how bad the manipulation has become, by clicking here.


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