What Warren Buffet, George Soros, and John Templeton Have In Common

Stop me if you’ve heard this one.

The top 1,000 investors on the planet at any given time all do the same exact thing…they all have the same philosophy but implement it in a slightly different way.

Buffet does it on the front end.

John Templeton does it on the front end. George Soros does it on the back end. Carl Icahn does it on the back end. Ray Dalio does it on the back end.

And those five guys…

All billionaires from investing.

So what’s that one thing?

They manage their downside. They never take catastrophic losses. Because they know their number one mission in investing is to put 10x the amount of energy on managing losses then going for gains.

This makes sense. If for no other reason then the best in the world all do this AND they say it’s their number 1 thing.


Enter into the conversation…Big-Box Advisers and Conventional Independent Advisers.

And they do the exact opposite of the best.

They never take your money out of the market.

NEVER!And they take huge losses with your money.


Because it’s against their religion. I mean profit margin. And you fall for it.

Okay, maybe not you but everyone else.

Do you get it?

They are the problem.

They are Big-Box advisers/Independent Advisers and their clients. They’re all in on it together. The thing is their client’s don’t even know they are part of the problem.

Check out this weekend’s podcast where I give you an example of when you don’t even know when you’re part of the problem.

Oh yeah, I also include four current price charts of the most followed stock index in the universe, which clearly shows you where the markets are going next.

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