What Would Trigger A Market Fall?

Humans want certainty. It’s the way our brains are wired.

That’s why people will often sell everything and go to cash even though that is a really bad thing to do to your money in one single step. Oddly, this ‘certainty-thing’ is also why people over-diversify—investors have been taught that over-diversification is better. Of course, no one calls it over-diversification but that is what it is. 

This week I want to talk about the tug-of-war that is happening right now with the US bond market and the US stock market. As bond prices hit new lifetime highs, the S&P500 is struggling to hold its ground. 

As you often hear me say: new lifetime highs are not a sign of weakness. So what is the investor to do?

In this week’s video, I cover four topics:

  1. Stocks vs Bonds
  2. Emerging Markets are struggling but no one seems to notice 
  3. Europe still can’t seem to find its footing
  4. A new $2k for $10k course

P.S. I’m excited to be launching my first DIY course ever. It’s called $2k for $10k. If you like what you read and watch from me, you are going to love this course.


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