What’s Your Financial Religion?


Imagine the following…

You belong to a religious group that demands you ALWAYS have a foot on the break when you drive.

And not just your foot resting on the break but actually putting downward pressure on the breaks.

And the older you are the more pressure you should be putting on the breaks.

Now…why would this religious group demand this action?


It’s safer. Right?

After all, if you need to break you already have a foot on the break AND being safe is important, so the belief from the followers seems obvious.

Of course people should drive with a foot slightly putting pressure on the break pedal.

And so there are 100’s of millions of people driving their cars around burning through their breaks, killing their gas millage and wearing down their brains too.

And they are all glad to do it, because after all, it’s the safer way to drive.

And so if anyone comes along to show them a better way to drive. A way where your foot stays off the break pedal until needed…the followers of this religion would get pretty angry.

In fact, they get so angry they wouldn’t even be open to hearing about other ways to drive.

And even worse, they don’t even know they’re signed up for this religion. Their membership into this religion is completely oblivious to them.

And so they have lives that are smaller…

So who am I in all of this?

I’m the guy losing my voice telling people to get their foot off the break.

This weeks episode is particularly interesting because I’m able to show the “break-pushers” actual evidence why their religion is hurting them.

You can get access to this week’s podcast right here.

In Your Corner,

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RC Peck, CFP