Will Money Printing Work This Time?

On one side you have the $40 trillion world stock market. And on the other side you have the four largest central banks (US, Europe, China, Japan)…

…and they are at war.

The markets on one side and the Central Bankers on the other.

The Markets, which are older, stronger and wiser have always won. But that doesn’t diminish the spirit of Central Bankers.

In fact, the Central Bankers would be shocked if you told them that they lost every war from the last 100 years.

And probably in response the Central Bankers would start to list every battle they won.

The battle of 1998 (The Long Term Capital Management Implosion)

The battle of 2000 (The Dot Com Collapse)

The battle of 2007 (The Real Estate Collapse)

The Battle of 2008 (The Financial Market Collapse)

The Battle of 2011 (The Debt Ceiling Debacle)

In fact, any time in the last 18 years, when the market wanted to correct (read: fall) in price, and get back to its true value, the Central Bankers drew up their battlefield plans to stop the markets from moving lower.

And the Central Bankers are a formable foe, after all, their weapons…

Money Printing

Interest Rate Manipulation and

Their Words

…can stop markets from correcting over the short-term, but it’s at a cost.

So with that I want to show you two charts that clearly show just how much ground the Central Bankers have to make up in the current battlefield called “The European Union.”

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